Sustainable Forestry


Sustainable Forestry

Forests provide numerous environmental benefits, making it essential that we protect and sustain them. They moderate climate change, improve air quality, aid in water conservation and preserve biodiversity. In order to maintain these benefits and ensure forests meet long term human needs, it is vital we practice sustainable forestry.

Sustainable forestry practices ensure the resources removed from the forest are at a level the forest is capable of renewing without damaging its future prosperity. In doing so, these practices preserve the environment and valuable forest resources.  With so many benefits, it’s no wonder ESP advocates that manufacturers purchase wood through a recognized sustainable forestry program.

In addition to sustainable forestry, ESP also supports selective harvesting. Selective harvesting is the practice of periodically removing mature trees in order to allow young trees to grow.  Trees that are near their death or have grown to an unproductive diameter can stunt younger trees from growing properly. By periodically harvesting particular trees, forest regeneration is improved. Selective harvesting leads to healthier forests, thus preserving the environmental and social benefits forests provide.

Sustainable Forestry Management Systems: