MFG Day: Shining a Spotlight on Today's Manufacturing Industry

KCMA is an endorser: Annual Celebration the first Friday in October

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MFG DAY is a national manufacturing industry workforce development program endorsed by KCMA. In 2020, Friday, October 2 is the "official" MFG DAY. However, KCMA member companies are highly encouraged to host an event(s) on any day in October.

What is MFG Day?

MFG DAY is a national manufacturing industry initiative to expose and educate students, parents, teachers and the general public about today's manufacturing environment.  Manufacturers nationwide host events showcasing their specific company and products.


Why is MFG Day needed?

In today's economy, manufacturers in general, and the cabinet industry in particular, are facing shortages of both entry-level and skilled workers. Cabinet companies need an opportunity to open the minds of the next generation workforce to a career in the cabinet industry. Parents and educators have misconceptions about manufacturing and a skilled trades career path. MFG Day provides a critical mass of companies hosting events nationwide to draw attention to today's industry and employment opportunities. Hosting an event (or multiple ones) provides your company access to a future workforce pipeline.

What type of events qualify for MFG DAY?

Your company hosted event must be:

  1. Open to students, parents and/or educators. Admission can be "By invitation only" and will be noted on the MFG DAY website.
  2. One of the following kinds of events:
    a) a tour of a manufacturing facility, office, innovation center, or other site;
    b) other creative student-invite type of event at a manufacturing or manufacturing-supporting site (e.g. design office);
    c) a school event about manufacturing;
    d) manufacturing-related career day event; or
    e) manufacturing product expo or similar event.

How does our company become a MFG Day Host? 

  1. Download and review the MFG DAY Host Resource Kit
  2. Schedule your event for Friday, October 2, 2020 - or - a day of your choice in the fall
  3. Register your event on the official MFG DAY site. And be sure to notify KCMA about your event plans!

Which companies in my area are hosting MFG DAY events?

Click here to see a list of MFG DAY participating companies and their events. 

How does KCMA support your involvement as a MFG DAY Host?

  • Recognizing and promoting your event on KCMA's website and social media
  • If needed, providing assistance to identify appropriate local school contacts/resources to promote attendance at your event.
  • We're available to answer any questions you may have!