Environmental Certification

KCMA Environmental Certification

The Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) was developed to encourage practices that benefit both the environment and the communities served by cabinet manufacturers. 

About the program

Air ventilation repairs

Air Quality & Pollution Prevention


  • Manufacturer has a documented energy conservation program
  • Manufacturer has met or exceeded source reduction and waste management goals in section 8 of the Toxic Release Inventory Form R or has listed source reduction activities in section 8.10.1 of Form R
  • Manufacturer has developed environmental product declarations
  • Manufacturer source at least 10% of the electricity used from a renewable source
  • Manufacturer uses the KCMA Carbon Calculator and reports net CO2 emissions
Sustainable forestry

Resource Sustainability

  • 80% of particleboard & medium density fiberboard and plywood used in cabinets are either CPA ECC or Benchmark CWSS certified
  • Manufacturers earn points if they have kitchen cabinets that are also Chain of Custody (COC) certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program
  • Hardwood, softwood and plywood purchased are Chain-of-Custody certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program
  • Hardwood and softwood lumber are certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program
  • Manufacturers utilize an annual, written training plan to educate their hardwood suppliers of their preference for purchasing certified lumber
  • Manufacturer has a documented wood trade compliance or due diligence policy
Recycling Bin

Waste Minimization

  • Manufacturer has a comprehensive recycling program for processing waste
  • Manufacturer has a program for tracking and reducing process waste products with documented goals and reports
  • Manufacturer uses process by-products to generate alternative energy
  • Manufacturer has a documented energy conservation program
  • Manufacturer has a program for reclaiming any cabinets and either sending them for recycle, reuse, or re-purpose
KCMA Environmental Certification

ESP Certification Participant Guidebook

The ESP Guidebook is designed to help first time participants obtain ESP certification. Based on the information provided in the ESP Guidance Document and ESP 01-24 standard, the Guidebook provides example documents needed to earn the minimum required 70 points for certification and comply with the two mandatory requirements.


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