Climate Positive NOW

If you build with wood or composite wood panels you are already part of the best sustainability story any industry can tell, because your products are better than sustainable…they’re Climate Positive Now!

We want to help you share this story with the world, which is why the KCMA has partnered with, a movement dedicated to educating designers and consumers about materials that go beyond sustainable.


KCMA Partnership: Sustainability Messaging Opportunity for Members

What is ‘Climate Positive’?

Research shows that the wood components in your cabinets actually store more carbon than is released in their production and use. That’s the definition of “Climate Positive,” a term being used by IKEA and a growing number of other global brands.

“It’s rare to hear a story that’s this good and know it’s not ‘greenwashing,’” says KCMA CEO Betsy Natz. “Many companies and industries say they are planning to be ‘climate positive’ by 2030 or 2040. We want to celebrate our members’ use of materials that are Climate Positive Now, and help them proudly tell this important story.”

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Wood-based cabinets are climate positive!

KCMA Partnership

We are pleased to extend an exclusive half-price offer to KCMA members that want to share their leadership in the Climate Positive NOW movement.


WEBINAR: How to Tell Your Climate Positive Sustainability Story

The wood-based cabinets and components you manufacture and sell have an incredible sustainability story to tell:

They are storing more naturally captured carbon than is released in their production and use…they are Climate Positive Now.

This is something no other building material can do. It's also a message that resonates powerfully with consumers and designers, and a powerful addition to your brand story.