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4 Helpful Accessories to Up Your Sanding Game with the 3×4 Electric Sander

3×4″ electric orbital sanders have become quite popular for various flat sanding applications, from sanding cabinet doors to drawer boxes, or other parts with 90-degree corners, to objects with tight spaces, such as louvered doors or shutters. While these sanders are great little machines, especially paired with foam abrasives, like Ekasilk Plus, for finishing applications, using them with traditional coated abrasives prior to finishing can leave operators wanting for more. This is because, the sheet sanders do not have a random orbit pattern – they simply oscillate back and forth. This causes a much higher likelihood for the sander to ‘skip’ and ‘catch’ across the surface of your work piece, as well as for the vibrations to cause undesirable sanding marks.

Thankfully, with the help of certain accessories, this tool can be utilized with ease and these frustrating issues can be resolved, while also adding additional functionality, for ease of sanding profiles, curved surfaces and tight spaces with standard coated abrasives sheets. Let’s look at four helpful accessories to have on hand.


How did the German kitchen specialist Pino enter the French market?

In order to penetrate the French market successfully, Pino – a kitchen specialist under the German Group Nobilia – needed to offer its retailers a highly valuable proposition. With an ambitious target of selling 3,500 kitchens in France by 2023, Pino aimed to adopt an innovative approach that matched its ambitions.

Pino chose HomeByMe solutions, which includes HomeByMe Kitchen Planner application for 3D kitchen design and planning, along with HomeByMe Retail Operations application for sales operations management. With HomeByMe, Pino can develop its entire 3D kitchen catalog and provide its retailers with a turnkey online tool for product visualization and design.

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VIDEO: Interview with Pino Development Director, Michel Griffon