Are You Ready to Meet the Future?

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Are you ready to meet the future?

Are you looking for a quick, easy and effortless solution to assemble everything from single cabinets to fully fitted kitchens? Threespine® is your answer!

This might look like a traditional face framed cabinet – but what you don’t see is how fast and easy it was to put it together. Assembly was a one-person job, done in seconds, with no need of fittings or tools. It’s simply clicked together, in only 40 seconds to be more precise – with a secure and reliable result. Imagine the time-savings this brings when putting an entire kitchen together – a pretty appealing feature for both professionals and DIYs, right?

“Customers love how easy it is to assemble our kitchen cabinets now and are amazed with the solid results. Our sales staff agree – they find it much easier to sell click cabinets and are surprised by how quick the benefits of fast and easy click-installations have spread across the market”, says Bjørn-Erik Finstad at Elkjøp Nordic when talking about how Threespine helped growing their Epoq kitchen business. 

Threespine is developed and licensed by Välinge Innovation, and it truly is a revolutionary way to create beautiful cabinets with next level features. It’s the fastest and easiest assembly solution available and you simply click the pieces together. A process that is so effortless and so brilliant it makes furniture assembly up to 10 times faster than any traditional option. The innovative locking system is integrated in production making assembly completely fail-safe. All joints are hidden and since there is no need for fittings there are no visible holes which means results are flawless – regardless of assembly being done in factory or at home by the end-consumer.

The technology suits all materials and all designs and brings un-paralleled competitive advantages that put both retailers and manufacturers at the forefront of their industry. It enables a total rethink in how cabinets are produced, transported, stored, and sold – with major savings in both cost and space at every step of the supply chain.

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