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KCMA WEBINAR: Adapting to Today's Workforce


KCMA's Small Business Cabinet Council presents a discussion on how to recruit and retain employees as the workplace evolves.

Join HR and recruiting experts, Carrie Cavanaugh and Ashley Brooks, for an outline of the current work environment and strategies to adapt to a new generation of workers.

Topics include:

  • Hybrid Schedules: How to make them work in manufacturing
  • Employee Retention: Stop refilling the same positions
  • Shrinking Talent Pool: Adapt to keep the employees you have
  • Creative Benefits: Focus on the perks you can do effectively
  • Training & Development: Engage your employees/instill them with a purpose
  • Apprenticeships & Community Engagement: Change the perception of a career in manufacturing
  • Creating New Talent Pools: Gig workers, 2nd Chance programs, and those with disabilities.

Manufacturers of all sizes face the same employment challenges. Let's help each other by sharing information and lessons learned.

Presentation Slides

Navigating the Workforce of Today - HTI

Why Remote/Hybrid Work Isn’t Going Anywhere - FGP Consulting

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