KCMA Listening Tour Continues

Published on May 31, 2024
Vaughan-Basset Plant Photo

KCMA CEO Betsy Natz was fortunate to be able to continue her manufacturers' listening tour on May 28 & 29 with a visit to the Vaughan-Bassett facility in Galax, Virginia. Betsy had the opportunity to meet with John Bassett, III, and Wyatt Bassett. Their conversation focused on ongoing trade issues. Vaughan-Bassett filed an anti-dumping case in the early 2000s and continue to monitor and litigate unfair trade by Chinese Importers. 

Topics covered include:

  • ADCVD orders.
  • Department of Commerce’s Annual Administrative Reviews.
  • Filings at Customs and Border Protection to investigate evasion and circumvention of ADCVD orders.
  • Importers filing Scope Inquiries at the Department of Commerce.
  • New Shipper Reviews by Chinese Importers.
  • Appeals to the Court of International Trade.
  • The Byrd Amendments (which existed when they filed).  Byrd allowed duties collected at the Border to be returned to the entities that filed cases.
  • Five year Sunset Review at the DOC and the ITC.

Betsy always appreciates the opportunity to meet with related manufacturers to understand their trade challenges and learn how their experiences can benefit KCMA members. KCMA has been fortunate to have a relationship with Vaughan-Bassett since 2016 and has appreciated the in-depth details they have shared with us that apply to our wood product litigation.